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Submission Guidelines

The Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology is a research publication; Journal publishes original work in the field of Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Genetics, Applied Microbiology and cell physiology Environmental Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology as well as Applied Sciences related to Biotechnology. All papers are subjected to blind scrutinized by two referees of international and national standing. Articles are accepted for publication on the condition that these are contributed solely to the Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology.

While submitting manuscripts, please carefully follow the instructions given below:

  1. Submission:
    Always submitted original copies of the manuscript, photographs, illustration, diagrams in Black & White. through email. All articles must be typed 1½ space single sided A4 paper typed script in English language using MS word window and should be submitted to:

    Chief Editor,
    Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology,
    H. No. 548 Baban Shah Bukhari GOR Colony
    Hyderabad, Pakistan

    In case a related manuscript was earlier submitted to other journals, the authors must provide full information for proper analysis.
  2. Formatting requirements:
    1. Maximum text length of the original/review article should not exceed six printed pages. Tables as well as illustrations should be typed and drawn on a separate page.
    2. Text should be fully justified. This applies for abstract, and references list. Use only a single space all punctuation marks including full stop. Insert a space between a numeral and unit of measurement, e.g. 3mm, no space between in dashes and associated numerals, e.g. 5.0-6.0mm or between extreme measurement and ranges e.g. (10-30) or 25-35. Use italics where necessary.
  3. The manuscript should contain the following sections:
    1. Title page:
      The complete title of the manuscript, the name of all authors, the department or institution to which they are attached, address for correspondence with telephone numbers, fax number and e-mail if any.
    2. Abstract:
      All original articles must accompany a structured abstract up to 150 words. It should state objective of the study, design setting, main outcome measures, results, analytical methods, give specific data and their statistical significance, Emphasize new and important aspects of the study of observation.
    3. Introduction:
      This should summarize the purpose of the article and the rationale for the study. It should neither review the subject extensively nor it should have conclusions data of the study.
    4. Materials and Methods:
      This should include exact method or observation or experiment. Of an apparatus is used, its manufacturer’s name should be given in small brackets. The method if established give reference but if the method is new give enough information so that another author be able to perform it. If the article is of clinical nature and a drug is used, its generic name, does and route of administration must be given. For patient, age, sex, mean age and standard deviations must be given. Statistical method must be mentioned and specify any general computer program used. Never start any new sentence or paragraph with figures. For example, “9 patients were admitted” should be written as: “Nine patients were admitted”.
    5. Results and Discussion:
      It must be present in the form of text, tables and illustrations. The contents of the tables should not be all repeated in the text. Instead, a reference to the table number may be given. SI units should be used. Discussion should emphasize the present findings and the variations of similarities with other work done in the field by other workers. The detailed data should not be repeated in the discussion again.
    6. All the Technical matter included in the manuscript must be accompanied by latest citation and with appropriate bibliography.
    7. Acknowledgement:
      If desired, it should be included after the discussion and before references.
    8. Reference:
      All manuscript should be accompanied by relevant references. These references should be written in alphabet order as they are cited in the text. The reference should provide the following information: Author’s name with initials, full title of cited article, name of the journal in which the article appeared (in abbreviated form), journal’s volume, number, first and the last page number and year of publication at the end in small brackets such as:
      Journal references:
      Totsuka, A. and C. Fukazawa, Affinity purification of b-amylase originating from plant using cyclomaltohexose-immobilized sepharose 6B in the presence of ammonium sulphate. Prot. Expr. Purif. 4: 333-336 (1993).
      Book Reference:
      Smith, K. and U. Wesson, Rotary discharge system. In: Bioengineering Process, U.T. Cobley and pierce, T., ed. Arizona Book Hill Press Pp. 69-96 (1974).
      Barns, S.M., C.R. Delwiche, J.D. Palmer and N.R. Pace, Perspective on archaeal diversity, thermophily and monophyly from environmental rRNA sequence. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93: 9188-9193 (1996)
  4. Short Contributions:

    Shorts reports of new results of special interest will be published as a short contribution. Authors are asked to append a note explaining why the text merits publication in this form. Short contribution should normally not exceed 2-3 printed pages, including one table, and if necessary one figure. The editor reserves the right to decide what constitutes a short contribution.
  5. Mini-reviews:
    On Biotechnological methods, products and processes or an apparatus and reactors used in biotechnological process are welcome. They should provide a short historical outline of the development, extensively review the current state and conclude with an out line of trends and prospect for the future. For biotechnological products, the competitiveness of the biotechnological process as compared to chemical process or to processes, which rely on the isolation of the product from natural sources, should be provided. Applications and cost figures should be provided. Mini review should contain a structural formula or a photograph of the biotechnological products, an outline of the biosynthesis pathway, a scheme of the apparatus, plant or reactor or a flow scheme of the process. Mini review should not exceed 5 printed pages in length. Authors are asked to contact the Editor before submission a mini review.
  6. Procedure:
    All the articles on the receipts for publication are acknowledged but this does not mean that it has been accepted for publication. The manuscript will be sent to two reviewers. On receipt of their comments, and if approved, a letter of acceptance will be issued to the submitting author.
  7. Proofs:
    The corresponding authors will receive page proofs and copy-edited manuscript. To avoid delays in publications, proofs should be checked immediately for typographical errors and returned within 48 hours. Major changes are not acceptable at the proof stage. However, if such changes are necessary, then a small charge may be made. A copy of article can be down load from Journal website or will be provided in the PDF format on demand.
  8. Payment for reprints and Journal:
    I wish to inform that Pak. J. Biotechnol. is published privately,charges for posting articles on website, web charges and pay of computer operator paid from the funds generated by paper handling charges and even some remaining charges paid by the Chief Editor. Journal is not supported by any organization or through subscription. The author of article must pay $ 70 (Foreign) and Rs. 5000/= (Local) for handling charges of the article, after submission. I wish to inform that the article will not be processed until unless payment of paper handling Charges. The Copy of Pakistan Journal Biotechnology will be provided on payment of $150 + $25 for postage (foreign) and with in Pakistan on payment of Rs. 4000/= + 500/= Postage. All payments must be provided through Western Union (for Foreign) or deposited in Account number 00727000251801 in Habib Bank Limited, Univ. of Sindh Brancch Jamshoro on the name of Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology (Local)
  9. Copyright:
    It is a condition of publication that manuscripts submitted to this journal have not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted of published elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright of their article is transferred to the publisher of and when the article is accepted for publication.
  10. Letter of under taking:
    All manuscripts must be accompanied by a letter of undertaking and signeded by all authors with address and their contribution.( download letter of undertaking )